Victoria Gordon

Highlights from Victoria's work as a performer, writer, and producer are available below. In addition, her projects are available on Amazon and more; see each project's info for a listing of awards, screening locations, and notes.  



I Might Be Famous

I MIGHT BE FAMOUS is the story of former child star Tabitha Briarwood's quest to reclaim her status as a superstar...if anyone remembers who she is. 

STARRING Victoria Gordon, Stuart Pankin, Hannah Einbinder, Scott Lane, and Erin Murphy

FESTIVALS AND AWARDS: Royal Starr Film Festival (Audience Choice Award Winner); IFS Film Festival (Nominee, Audience Choice); Accolade Global Film Competition (Award of Merit--Actress: Victoria Gordon; Award of Merit--Humor); Hollywood Independent Filmmaker Awards (Gold Medal--Comedy)

PREMIERE DATE: October 2, 2017 on Amazon

Tabitha Briarwood



When high school overachievers Ava and Maddie get kicked out over a misunderstanding, they decide to take advantage of their newfound freedom by coasting through life. 

STARRING Victoria Gordon, Natasha Coppola-Shalom, Chloe Ray Warmoth, Brigid Marshall, Lizzy Rich, and Gabe Greenspan

FESTIVALS AND AWARDS: IFS Film Festival (Best Comedy); Hollywood Moving Pictures Festival (Best Actress--Victoria Gordon; Best New Media/Web)

PREMIERE DATE: April 5, 2016 in Los Angeles

UNDERACHIEVERS received nearly one million views on Vimeo before debuting on Amazon in summer 2016. 

Behind the Times

Behind the Times Logo

BEHIND THE TIMES is a satirical sitcom following the Wells family as they live life in true sitcom fashion: simply, sweetly, and easily slotted into twenty-two minutes. 

STARRING Clint Carmichael, Jordan Toronto, Jason Dritt, Victoria Gordon, Jamie McRae, and Allison Korman

FESTIVALS AND AWARDS: IFS Film Festival (Vanguard Award for Breakthrough Performance--Victoria Gordon); Chain Film Festival, New York; London International Film Festival (Best Comedy--Nominee); Best Shorts (Award of Honor, Pilot)

PREMIERE DATE: March 10, 2015 in Los Angeles